When most people think about salespeople, they imagine a slicked man with a sneaky grin peddling second-hand cars. Or a persistent cold caller interrupting their dinner.

That’s a low-percentage game (high quantity of calls, low closing rate) where the intention is purely transactional. There’s no thought towards building a lasting relationship. It’s soul-less.

Here’s the dealio: That’s not how coaches like us roll. Not only would we rather not have a business at all than impose ourselves on others in such a way, but even if we did, it wouldn’t work anyways! We’re in the business of empathy, not apathy.

People come to you because they WANT what you have. They want guidance and transformation.

At the same time, taking any kind of big leap (aka hiring YOU!) is scary for anyone, so you have to learn how to navigate your jitters as well as those of your potential clients.

4 Ways to Sell without Being ‘Salesy’

1. Be generous when you’re speaking to a potential client. Bring your insight into the conversation—a unique, provocative perspective on their life. Come to the table with new ideas—opportunities the potential client hadn’t realized even existed.

2. Listen more than you speak. The easiest way to ‘close’ more sales? Talk less. Most salespeople spend their time trying to persuade prospects rather than taking the time to understand the problem that the prospect is facing. Prospects are looking to solve certain challenges; they are not looking to be sold. Take the time to learn about their key problems first.

3. Put your focus entirely on the other person and be completely devoted to them getting value from your conversation. This will take you out of any desperate or salesy energy you might have.

4. Create an authentic connection. Let go of your ego, get outside of yourself, and do what you have a natural gift for—connecting with others.

Remember: It’s NOT SALESY to sell someone what they want! In fact, it’s a disservice NOT to.