I just hung up the phone with a friend and colleague of mine and I was telling this story and all of a sudden I’m asking myself why the heck I’ve never told YOU this before, Heather!!!!

So a few months ago I was in Bali and I gave a talk there, and it was seriously the most fun talk I’ve ever given. I was barefoot (becuase you have to take your shoes off at most places in Bali), holding this gigantic coconut that the venue gave me, wearing this tight little black dress and I was just feeling SO in my element!

The slides weren’t working, and so I told my host, screw it! I don’t need it! And I ended up having seriously THE MOST FUN workshop I’ve ever given because I just started finding out what everyone in the room was struggling with in their business, and I got to help them with it and know that I was really hitting everyone in the room with something that they needed, versus just having some canned talk that may or may not actually help everyone.

Do you have the feeling that if your slides didn’t work, that you’d freak out? Or worry that you wouldn’t be able to do it? If so, there’s a really good chance that you are not FULLY in your power with what you’re speaking on! Sometimes our area of brilliance feels TOO EASY. We think that everyone must know this stuff already! But it’s actually the opposite, Heather!!!! That’s how you KNOW you are coaching on the right stuff.

If you have a feeling that you may not be coaching in the right area, hit reply and tell me more and I’ll do what I can to support you in a quick email back. That’s actually really easy for me (wink!)

Happy weekend!