This is a huge big deal for me AND my client and I’m super excited to share this with you!

In July, one of my VIP Freedom Tribe clients did over $100,000 in sales!!! We both felt a total rush and she texted me asking if we could jump on the phone so we could scream together!!! I was out in public, so the screaming didn’t happen, but we did get to connect and share that special moment and it’s one I won’t forget.

I remember when I did my first six figure sales month- it’s such a HUGE milestone! The type of milestone that’s hard to believe until it actually happens.. kinda nuts!

I thought it might be helpful for me to share a little bit about *how* she did this, so that you can see the different steps she followed to hit this goal.

These are the top three reasons why I believe she hit this number (although of course other factors played a part too!)

First of all, she is an expert in money mindset. This is the focus of her own business, and everything that she teaches, she has done herself, so in her mind already, she was set up to believe that this would be possible for her. In my experience, mindset is really integral to every single part of our business, so the fact that she was focused on this was huge for her. She has tools that she uses and teaches that have allowed her to reprogram her negative beliefs around money.

Second, she studied my sales program carefully. In her first month of using my system, she made $45,000 in sales. Now, several months later, she had her first ever $100k month! I consider her to be very coachable and she followed the steps in my system closely, which had her showing up more powerfully in her sales conversations, which allowed her to get more people to a YES!

Finally– she has been selling a mix of mid and high end programs! I know it can be enticing to sell low-end, because in some ways it feels easier, and you can make more total sales. However, when we are talking dollars and financial freedom, the bang for the buck is always in selling high-end, long term, programs. (Say it with me now! High-end, long-term!)

So to sum this up, the pieces that I think were most important here were: money mindset, using a proven sales system, and selling high-end programs.

If you’re already making some money in your business, but know you’re ready to leverage into something bigger, let’s talk! <<<< You can book a session with me using that link.


P.S. A 100k month is totally possible for you too, when you have the right plan in place to do it, and when you’re selling the right thing. If you want to strategize, I’m happy to help in a free strategy call. Note: This is only for those who are *already* making money. If you’re not yet income-generating, this will be overwhelming and wouldn’t be the right step yet.