Have you noticed that we entrepreneurs are IDEAS people?

It’s as if the most minor things spark new ideas constantly. Going to the coffee shop and getting an idea about how the menu could be better, or a new type of espresso machine.

Walking through the airport and getting ideas for in-airport gyms (that was one of my ideas!), healthy restaurants, or apps to order food to your gate.

If you’re anything like me, even just being awake (well, shoot, even asleep, too!), can create new ideas, things to work on, new business plans to ponder.

But here’s the thing, in order to really be successful, you have to get good at turning down the noise and focusing on ONE THING.

Even serial entrepreneurs have to get one of their businesses to the finish line before they start the next one.

When your strategies and energy are all over the place, you’ll notice that you feel like you are working your ass off, but not making any money!

So here’s what I want to suggest……

Take one chunk, of one project, or one strategy, and see it through to the finish line.

Are you working on your free gift opt in for your website? AWESOME! DO THAT ONLY! Until it’s done.

Putting together a new workshop or your signature talk for a speaking gig you just got? CONGRATS! STAY FOCUSED ON THAT!!!

I find that one of the best ways to make sure you follow through with something is to be accountable to someone else, and have a consequence for not following through. Maybe it’s a money bet, or you have to clean their house or walk their dog for a week if you don’t complete the ONE thing you say you are going to do.

When you can practice taking something all the way to the finish line, you will build your belief in yourself that it’s possible, and you’ll move your biz forward, too.

If right now you’re all over the place trying to do a million strategies, choose ONE and get good at that ONE strategy before you choose the next one.

I KNOW it’s hard, because I KNOW you are an ideas person….

Keep a running doc or notebook of your “ideas for later” and focus on getting traction in your business NOW.

If you know you are all over the place, take a moment to think through what you’re going to backburner for now.

Have a kickass day!