Since joining the Adventurous Entrepreneur Mastermind, I have tripled my income, paid off $15,000 of debt, and am on track to hit six figures next year (and will get pretty close this year!). My life and my business have been completely transformed through this program, and I ABSOLUTELY recommend it to any coach or healer who wants to stop spinning their wheels and make great money.”

Sandra Possing, Freedom Coach for Passionate Rebels



I was concerned about spending the money to join the program when I wasn’t earning a lot. Through using Emily’s strategies, I made back my financial investment in 2.5 months with just two clients, and recently sold over $7,000 in coaching packages in ONE WEEK and filled my private practice. I’m a legitimate business and that feels amazing!”

Christina Boyd-Smith, PhD, CPCC, The Corporate Rebel Coach



I really didn’t have the money to sign up, but our work together has transformed my life. My husband and I struggled financially for five years trying to figure out how to run this business on our own. It was so incredibly draining and it put a huge strain on my health and our marriage—and FIVE YEARS IN we had just gotten to the point where we were breaking even when I began working with Emily.

Since joining the mastermind, I’ve more than tripled my income in less than six months and just had my first $20,000 month!”

Amy GreenSky, Web Design for Conscious Entrepreneurs



I met Emily when I attended one of her fantastic networking workshops and just knew right away that I had to work with her. She absolutely radiated confidence and expertise. At the time, I just couldn’t seem to get my business off the ground. I though I knew what I needed to do, but I wasn’t doing it. I was letting both my fear and my lack of clarity hold me back. Emily has helped me push through those barriers, allowing me to achieve what I wasn’t able to do on my own.

Hand to heart, my work with Emily is the only reason why I have made progress in my business. She is an incredibly skilled coach, and has been more supportive than I could have hoped. She knows exactly when and how to push me. I also really appreciate that she can tell when I need a more gentle approach and when I need a little but-kicking tough love!

Working with Emily is what has made all the difference for me. She is worth every penny!

Audra Wilke,



Emily, I wanted to share my appreciation for the loving and caring you gave me as you listened with an open heart and supported me without judgment. And I love how you paired this with the mini-goals between our sessions that created a structure that made me feel secure and gave me something to look forward to. The way you are able to integrate and understand Spirituality and conventional wisdom at the same time is uncommon and amazing. The powerful strategies and exercises really worked for me. Your approach is so unique and effective, I think because you are able to utilize spirit/intuition and every day wisdom. You guided me to my higher knowledge with such understanding and most importantly with such compassion. Thank you so much.”

Rachel C.