Let’s be honest, if there were some pill you could take to accomplish a goal or achieve success in a short amount of time, you’d pull out your credit card.

I know I would. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts. Especially not in your coaching practice.

If there’s no shortcut to success, then what the F is the title of this blog post all about?

The coach’s shortcut to great money is only a shortcut relative to its alternative—the long, unfulfilling path you’d be forced to take without it.

Coaches without it will have a hobby, but not a legitimate business. They’ll be forced to hold a job because they can’t support themselves fully by coaching.

The shortcut to great money is learning to sell.

If you can’t sell, or don’t learn to sell, you’ll go out of business. Cash flow (sales) is the lifeline of any business.

Most coaches deny that they “sell” at all. That’s great—because it means they’re coming from a well-intentioned place, from a place of service. What they’re doing probably doesn’t feel like selling at all. But let me assure you, anybody with a successful coaching practice is selling their ass off in more ways than one!

If the thought of selling makes you queasy, you have great potential!

Why? Because you won’t be a mosquito telemarketer. You won’t be a slimy used car swindler. You’ll be authentically YOU, which is the only approach that actually works, especially as a coach.