I wanted to check in with you about follow up.

It’s something I’m pretty obsessed with because the VAST majority of sales (CLIENTS!) come in the follow up, not in the initial conversation. I just read that 80% of sales take 5 follow ups!

Most people would give up before that point, and that’s why I’m brining it up!

Here are some ideas of who you could follow up with (i.e. These are the people who could be your next clients!!!!)

– Someone you met at a networking event who said they were interested in your work but never wrote back to your initial email
– Anyone who you have ever spoken to about working with you who was a “no” because of the money (It’s *never* about the money! People will find the resources for the things they really want- happens all the time.)
– Someone who said no to you last year, but still has not solved the problem in their life or biz that you help people with (I.e. they are still broke, overweight, dealing with a health issue, having relationship challenges)

Looking at that list above, does anyone come to mind?

These people are your low-hanging fruit, and it takes tenacity to follow up through to the finish line.

When you reach out, just say, “Hey! I was thinking about you and wondering if you want to revisit our conversation about working together.”

Or, “Hey I was thinking about you and wondering, how is everything going with (thing you talked about.)”

Then try AGAIN!

You won’t get clients by not asking for the sale, know what I mean?

Spend some time doing follow up this week, and let me know how it goes.