We have alllll been there!!! You get on the phone with an AH-MAZ-ING potential client- you two totally love each other and then….

They go MIA. Stop responding to your calls, emails, and texts and you wonder wtf happened. (Why do I all of a sudden feel like I’m talking about the last person you went on a tinder date with?!?!)

They said they were pretty much IN but had to check in on something…

…their bank account

…travel schedule

…talk to the hubs, wife, or partner

And then it all goes to crickets. And it’s not just disappointing becuase you didn’t get the client. It’s also disappointing because YOU KNOW YOU CAN HELP THEM!

So here’s the dealio…

One of the ways you can prevent most instances of this happening is by having a follow up plan before you even hang up the phone. For example, when someone says that they need time to do x, y, or z, make a plan to reconnect with them the next day. I always suggest that you get a follow up on the books within 24 hours. It can also help to have a “quick decision benefit” where they get some kind of discount or bonus for choosing to jump in right away.

Now let’s say this scenario has already happened and it’s too late…

Here’s what to try…

Send a loving text or email that speaks into the exact thing that you know is holding them back. It’s usually the thing they’re most afraid of and that’s also WHY they have gone MIA. Sometimes avoidance is a pattern for people (I def can get this way on certain things that scare me!), so you want to lovingly call them out on it.

For example, “Hey name! I’m reaching out again because I’ve been thinking about you and how badly you want ______. And I can’t help but wonder if you’ve gone MIA because you are scared to face ______. You mentioned when we spoke that sometimes you avoid the things you know you need to do because you are scared, so I’m wondering, is that why you’re avoiding me? I’d love to reconnect because I really felt when we spoke how much you want _____ . Are you open to jumping back on the phone tomorrow? I’d love to support you with this. No pressure I just know there’s a breakthrough waiting to happen!”

I realize this may seem really upfront, and it is….

Here’s the thing… at the end of the day, people want a coach who will be really HONEST with them. People hire coaches to heal their deepest wounds and help them reach their biggest goals, and when you go soft on how you handle even the sales process, you’re selling out on them. It’s possible you’ll be more honest with them than anyone ever has. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure you’re here to make the biggest difference possible. This takes some bravery on your end, which sometimes means SAYING THE THING you are thinking, in a loving way, but staying honest.

My best advice on what to do when someone goes MIA is to be honest with them. Not pushy or desperate, but just honest with them about what you see and what you know is possible for them. I hope this helps!