I want to share with you a conversation I had with an awesome coach yesterday about sales.

The conversation came out of a discussion we were having about whether or not she should advertise her rates on her new website. My belief is that unless it’s a product under $1000, that it’s a disservice to advertise rates. I know that might sound strange, but here’s why:

When you advertise your rates, assuming a package with you costs thousands of dollars, many people will create a money objection in their heads before they ever even get on the phone with you.

At first she said, “yes, but I don’t want to waste my time or anyone else’s if they can’t afford to work with me.”

From there, our conversation evolved into talking about what happens when sales becomes sacred. This woman in particular supports women around trauma, which inevitably shows up as self-worth challenges later in life.

I posed the idea that two incredible things could happen on a sales call with a woman who has experienced trauma:

– she could become inspired to invest in herself and take the first steps to heal

– she could receive such value from the call alone, that even if she didn’t choose to invest, it made a huge difference for her

Sales tends to have such a negative connotation, but what if you could see every sales call as an opportunity to make a difference for someone?

When we come from a place of wanting to touch the heart of each and every person we speak to, and illuminate their innate value and abilities, sales truly can become a sacred experience. One where each party feels awesome at the end of the call, whether there was a “close” or not.

And this energy too, will have more people wanting to work with you, because the authenticity of your offer and desire to support another’s transformation will be palpable.

Can you see sales as sacred, and if so, how would you shift your energy or approach?

Sending you lots of love!