There is so much I want to share with you on the topic of personal growth and your business success!!!! I can’t possibly share everything I want to share in one email so I’ll let you in on a sliver of what’s been circling in my thoughts….

Whenever I am ready to really level up my business, whether that’s creating a new program, raising my rates, or working with higher level clients, there ‘s always a new mindset challenge that I experience. A new limiting belief that surfaces, a money block I thought I’d let go of already, or a new insecurity or challenge of self-worth, or, or, or…. there’s so many ways it can show up.
The funny thing is, I used to think that this was going to go away at some point, but what I’ve learned is that there’s no “there there.”

I can’t remember if I told you this story already, but I was at a gathering a few months ago of all 6+7 figure entrepreneurs. You’d think that this room full of badasses would have no challenges with self worth and confidence, right? WRONG.

When we each shared our #1 business challenge it was DIRECTLY correlated to a challenge of belief systems, self worth, and confidence, as well as a fear of going outside of our comfort zones.

If you reallllllly want to serve more people and make a bigger impact in the world, and you want to stop playing small, it’s critical that you invest a significant amount of your time, energy, and money in personal growth.

Ask anyone who has grown their company to a high level of influence and they’ll be able to tell you the dollars they’ve spent, and the hours they’ve invested on working on who they are as a person– there’s just no way around it.

Because of this I wanted to share with you a couple offerings that me and my clients are up to that I think might support you in your personal growth that will undoubtedly support you in your business!

1. Are you in or near the San Diego area? If so, come see me *LIVE* next week at a free event on Tuesday evening all about how to work with your inner rebel to level up your business success! You can RSVP here. Space is limited so even though it’s free, make sure you sign up if you want to come! I’ll be doing some coaching in the room also, so if you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to get support from me, now is the time!!!! It’s very rare that I offer free live coaching so it’s worth coming even if you have to travel a distance to be there!

2. Are you a “good girl” who struggles to speak her desires and/or set boundaries? If so, my friend and client Amy has an INCREDIBLE, super affordable offering this weekend that I think could be transformational for you. You can sign up here. If you feel like your clients walk all over you, or you have a hard time being honest with them or meeting your own needs, definitely take advantage of this crazy affordable way to work with Amy– she is so talented at supporting kind women to own their power in a way that works for them!

If right now you can’t say that you’re investing in your own personal growth, I really want to encourage you to do so, Heather. To not include the personal work in your business just sets you up for things to be a LOT harder, and take a LOT longer!

To your massive success!