Greetings from the pool at my hotel in Bali!!! Soaking up the last of my days here and trying to squeeze in the last bit of doing nothing, AND doing the things that have always been on my list! This morning I saw a Balinese healer for the first time and it was a really interesting experience but that’s not the purpose of today’s note!

A friend of mine posted a really awesome bit about sales today on Facebook and it prompted me to want to share with you,why it’s absolutely imperative that you get yourself properly trained in sales.

I don’t mean reading books, or listening to podcasts on sales, but having a REAL person in the industry teach you so that you can start thriving in your business.

Recently I was introduced to a friend of a friend who is excited about launching her new coaching business. Over lunch, she shared with me how eager she is to start getting clients and started to share with me how she’s going after them– offering free coaching sessions!

Here’s the problem though…..

Your coaching school (if you went to one) may have taught you that giving away free sessions is the way to get clients, but it doesn’t actually work!!! Some day I’ll go on a whole rant about how coaching schools should be teaching coaching, NOT business. When my clients come to me after receiving incredible coaching training, they have to un-learn all the bad business advice they got in coaching school! Anyway I digress and I’ll save that ditty for another time…

Here’s the problem with just giving the coaching away and hoping someone will sign up….

You’re not walking them through a process that I refer to as Bridging the Gap, wherein you help your potential client see the difference between where they are right now (their pains and challenges), and where they want to be (their desires and dreams).

Just giving away a free session will help your potential client feel better, but it’s highly likely they are going to invest.

Do you know anyone building their business this way? Neither do I….

Here’s the beauty about getting trained in sales…. all of a sudden it won’t look like you’re trying to serve a bunch of broke people. Whenever I hear someone say, “None of my people have money” I always KNOW they have a sales problem– it’s not that their people are broke!!

There’s a tried and true process to getting more people to a YES, and it doesn’t have to be that hard. It’s actually about showing up sincerely committed to helping the person on the other end of the line, and truly believing that the success they desire is possible.

Sales never has to feel icky or manipulative. I remember one of my mastermind clients asking in our FB group about how to not be icky or manipulative and I said, “Easy! Just don’t be icky or manipulative!”

When the energy you come from is fully of generosity, you truly can’t go wrong and your potential client will THANK YOU for your time, whether they jump in or not.

Getting good at sales is really about blending the tactical and the energetic. Stop beating yourself up and worrying that you’re going to come off as salesy….. When you focus on helping another person you can be confident that you’re doing just fine!

I hope these small tweaks in your thinking help.

Much love from Bali!