Had a delicious lunch with a friend I met in Bali who lives here in Australia, and now I’m hunkering down at the beach for a moment with my journal.

Messaging with my team about a few things, and jumping on a call with my Facebook ads ninja in a few.

It’s definitely been work to create this lifestyle, and sometimes it’s a real shit show, I’ll be honest.

But there are a few things I did early on that I’d love to share, in case this is something you aspire to and want for yourself as well.

1. I started selling high end, long term programs very early on in my business. Within the first 6 months.

Nothing has given me more stability (financially and mentally) than this. I know what my base monthly income is going to be every month, which allows me moments of coasting and breathing room such as right now.

Wherever I am in the world, whether I work a little or a lot, my income does not change based on this.

Any other income is “fun money” or gets invested back into the business.

2. I hired support early on. All of my programs have support coaches (with the exception of Sales Power although that program doesn’t include private coaching anyway), and I’ve had administrative support for the entirety of my business minus year one.

Being in Australia has pushed me to delegate more and better, and I’m seeing right now, in real time, how this frees me up for more fun stuff and rest.

3. I’ve invested in multiple types of support since day one of my business, and I’ve never spent a day without a business coach. Not one day.

I’ve always had support to get to the next level and a community (at least one at a time but usually 2-3) to reach out to when I need it.

All of these are PAID by the way, because I have no interest hanging out where the blind are leading the blind (or the broke are leading the broke.)

4. I’ve invested heavily in personal development. I’d say more energy and time than money, because when it comes to personal growth, it’s the ongoing taking oneself on that makes the biggest difference.

As I grow, I need more of this – not less.

Do not be fooled.

When I witness my own clients plateau in results, it’s largely due to personal development.

Our business cannot grow when we don’t grow.

So with all of this said, I’m gonna celebrate the heck out of this moment because I earned it.

NONE of this was handed to me. I spent the money, cried the tears, and put in the effort to be here.

Even when it’s hard, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I just think it’s the coolest life that I get to have lunch with a friend I met in Bali, sit on a beach, and later this evening have dinner with two of my Aussie mastermind sisters. Like how cool is that?!

If you’re not there yet but want to be, for the love of god, make the investment in yourself and do what it takes.

Sometimes it’s a brutal road, but the payoff is worth it.