A BIG topic of conversation in EXPRESS over the past week has been about BOUNDARIES.

Many of them are recovering people pleasers, and practicing putting themselves first in their businesses.

You truly are of service to no one when your own cup isn’t full, and you’re not actually enjoying your life.

A lot of my clients are having things come up around what works for them, and doesn’t work for them in their business so I wanted to check in about this.

Where are you compromising in a *bad* way?

For example:

Are you negotiating your rates with clients and then later resenting them because you’re not feeling an equal energy exchange?

Are you missing out on vacations because you feel like you “can’t afford it” or can’t take the time?

Do you have zero boundaries with clients and let them text/call/message you all hours of the day and week without having time to recharge?

If you feel like you’re making too many compromises, take a moment to remember that YOU and only you are the CEO of your company, and YOU make the rules. You didn’t start a business so you could have a shitty boss that’s YOU!

Don’t be a victim to your business- make the choices that are right for you!

This might mean changing your office hours, or when you make yourself available for coaching sessions- but here’s what’s true:

When you set clear boundaries and communicate them without guilt or shame, your clients will be happy to follow.

My clients know when I’m available to support them, and when I’m not, and it’s really not an issue!

In fact, I know they appreciate the modeling.

Is there room for a new boundary in your business? If so, may be time to make it a formal thing! Add it to your contracts and explain it to your clients so they understand and can honor it.

It can be as easy as letting them know you’re only available for text support Monday – Friday (or whatever it is!)