There’s a discussion we’ve been having in one of my group programs that I wanted to share with you… especially while you’re thinking about 2019, what you’re excited about, and what you’d like to shift!

As a coach, you are probably a natural giver- a healer type, and generous.

This is awesome of course, and part of why you’re so good at what you do 🙂

At the same time, this can become a problem when there aren’t healthy boundaries in place that allow you to live your life, and allow your clients to live theirs.

For example – when I’m reviewing my clients’ programs and packages, it’s always a red flag for me when I see something like “This program includes 24/7 text support.”

Because — if you’re making yourself available non-stop, all the time, for your clients, what you may not realize is that you’re potentially setting yourself up for a co-dependent relationship with them.

There’s a difference between our clients having a healthy level of respect and trust, and needing us 24/7 to make every single decision.

Part of why our clients choose us is because they want to be more empowered in some area of their life – whether it’s business, body, health, relationships, or something else. They are not coming to us to shrink into a powerless version of themselves – quite the opposite.

They are coming to us because we have some kind of tools, knowledge, or resources that they don’t yet have, and want to develop.

As you launch into 2019, this may be the perfect time for you to re-visit how things work with your clients.

>>>>> Here are some of the healthy boundaries I set with my clients that you can consider for inspiration:

– Facebook group support happens Monday-Friday during “normal” business hours. When my clients ask a question outside of these times, they *might* get an answer, but I’ve clearly communicated to think of it as a bonus if my support coaches or I do. Pretty reasonable I think!

– No coaching via private messenger of any kind is available to my group coaching clients. We have AMAZZZZZZING communities in my programs, where my clients get support from me, my staff coaches, as well as each other. My clients ask all questions in the Facebook groups (rather than sending me PMs), because that way, everyone gets to learn from them!

On rare occasion when a client really needs it, we may jump on a quick call or do a bit of back and forth via messenger, but in general, everything happens in the Facebook groups.

With nearly 100 clients across all my programs, I don’t think I would survive if they were all messaging me simultaneously!!!

Overall, my support coaching team and I are super active in our Facebook groups, and my clients almost always get an answer with a few hours of asking their question (sometimes in minutes!)

– I don’t provide ANY email support. My VIP private clients get a level of access to me that my group clients do not via the Voxer app, because a few years ago I completely stopped doing any coaching or support via email.


Because my email inbox runneth over. I have over 1,000 unread emails right now. I am not able to give them the type of turnaround that I think is reasonable or helpful, and I far prefer audio messages, which is why I moved all private access to me to Voxer.

I’m curious what you think of these boundaries…

Do they trigger you?

Do you love them?

Are yours similar?

I noticed for me in the past that when someone else’s boundaries triggered me, it was because I didn’t feel comfortable asking the same for myself. That was a HUGE eye-opener.

I also noticed that in the past I was afraid to set boundaries with my clients, because I was worried that if I wasn’t available 24/7 that what I offer wouldn’t be enough!

I’ve since realized – it’s the opposite. I hardly ever have issues with clients “pushing the boundaries” and they appreciate my modeling to shift how they’re operating in their own businesses.

You always need to fill your cup first- just like with the oxygen mask on the plane 🙂

When you do this, your clients become so much more empowered, grateful, and ready to take on the incredible transformation you provide.

It’s much more of a co-created experience- and one where you’re not having to drag them across the finish line.

If this is something you haven’t considered in a while, now is probably the perfect time!

Sending you lots of love and well wishes for a very successful 2019!






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