I just spent the weekend in a room of hundreds of coaches, and after hearing what so many people are struggling with in their businesses, I wanted reach out to let you in on a little something I like to call the Entrepreneurial Trap.

Because of what I do, I’m always having conversations with coaches and healers and I have noticed a common mistake that is keeping them from having success.

Chances are high that you’re doing this too, and so I wanted to share it with you.

The number one mistake that I see people making, is thinking that they have to have xyz in place, before they can do the next thing.

For example, “as soon as my talk is written I’ll book the speaking gig”
“As soon as I’m good at sales I’ll start selling my services.”
“After I take that copy-writing course I’ll start emailing my list.”
“After I design my entire yearlong program and all the content, then I’ll start selling it!”


Here’s how this *actually* works–

— > You book the speaking gig and THEN figure out what you’re going to say. Nothing like some healthy pressure to get sh*t done!
— > You start selling and BECOME good at sales in the process!
— > You start to message your list NOW and get better as a writer because you are writing more often!
— > You sell the program FIRST and build it WHILE you teach it for the first round (yes babe- every single person with a successful course does it this way, hello!)

When you convince you have something to do before moving forward, you’re just keeping yourself in procrastination mode, and inevitably deferring the time that you’ll actually start making more money.

Don’t fall into the perfectionistic trap of thinking all the ducks need to be in a row every single dang time you want to do something.

You’ll get where you want to go much faster if you just plan on messing some things up along the way. You’re going to anyway, love 🙂 So you’re really just keeping yourself stuck when you wait for the “perfect” circumstances.

They will never arrive.

You’ve got this! Take the imperfect action TODAY! Don’t wait.