I just landed back in California after a 3 week trip to Australia. Dang, they seriously have the best coffee there and some of the most gorgeous scenery I’ve ever seen!

I always fly business class when I’m flying internationally, it’s been at least 4 years now that this has been my standard, and I’ll be honest with you, sometimes I still feel strange about it.

It’s just not something I ever imagined, especially since I honestly, for most of my life, felt that wealthy people were evil. I know that sounds kinda dramatic, but I was a big activist and environmentalist and I was convinced that people with money were the cause of all that I didn’t agree with in the world.

So, it’s been years of untangling these beliefs, and realizing that there are people with great intentions in the world, and people with not so great intentions in the world, and this doesn’t have to do with whether or not they have money.

As I started to untangle these beliefs for myself, one of my previous mentors suggested that I start being honest with myself about the things I desired that had a significant monetary cost.

Up until then, I was a total budget kinda girl.

Living in San Francisco I could almost entirely furnish my home with things tossed on the side of the road (surprisingly nice quality!), or secondhand off Craigslist.

Back when I was younger, I hand made a lot of my clothes (yes I was a serious hippie), and bought a lot of things at the thrift store or traded clothes with friends at clothing swaps.

Now, to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with any of these things, and as a staunch environmentalist I am NOT a fan of buying stuff for the sake of stuff, particularly if it’s made with toxic or non-recyclable materials.

That said, I started to notice some places in my life where I DID want more, and it was a practice to release my own self-judgement around those things.

I wanted nice new clothes that I felt beautiful and powerful in.

I wanted the Lexus instead of the used Prius when I got my FIRST EVER CAR less than 2 years ago.

I wanted to fly business class and stay in nice accommodations instead of flying coach and staying in hostels or a spare room in an AirBnB.

I wanted the catered meal plan at Burning Man instead of cooking my own food.

I wanted the private car instead of the shuttle.

These are all experiences I never gave myself permission to have, let alone desire, up until just a few short years ago.

And even now, I still notice areas where my desires, belief systems, and behaviors are out of alignment.

I have to laugh at myself sometimes when something triggers me around money and I remember – oh my gosh, I have enough to pay for that and MORE, so why am I freaking out?

But – I gotta tell you – so much of this is about PERMISSION and giving ourselves the PERMISSION to want more.

And then also actually being okay with it without judgement.

Maybe you’ve walked this path already and this hasn’t been a “thing” for you, but my guess is, it either has or it is right now.

So there’s a question I’d like to leave you with which is this:

What are you still not giving yourself permission to want or to have?

Maybe there’s an investment you want to make in your business…

Maybe you’ve been debating between two AirBnB’s for your next trip and guilting yourself over wanting the more expensive one.

Maybe you want to be getting lunch delivered to save time and energy for your work, but you’re still feeling bad about spending the money when you don’t “need” to.

Permission is one of the most powerful things I’ve given myself.

What is it about time to give yourself permission for?

Feel free to email me what it is that’s on your heart that you desire – because you’re allowed to want more 🙂