Let’s talk visibility…

This is something that I see a lot of people struggling with… sometimes it’s about consistency, but other times it’s just fear of being seen, like REALLY seen by people and sharing what you do with the world.

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but there’s something extremely vulnerable about putting yourself out there in the world and saying, “hey I can change your life, can you please give me money in exchange?”

Even if you’ve been at this a while, I’d guess you still have those moments once in a while that make you wonder if you’re really good enough for this, and worthy of the amount of money you want to receive for what you do.

What I hear often is that these fears create the instinct to hide…

But the problem with you hiding is pretty obvious isn’t it?

Because two things happen when you don’t allow yourself to be visible:

  1. You don’t get clients and therefore continue on the financial roller coaster
  2. You don’t help as many people

So all this work to stay “safe” and play small by not *really* putting yourself out there, has negative consequences with the illusion of safety.

I say illusion because you and I both know you’d feel more fulfilled serving more people and making a bigger difference. I mean, that’s why we’re here, right?

So, I wanna pose a little challenge to you…

>>> Would you be willing to be more visible than usual this week?

Maybe a more opinionated post on FB, or sharing a story of a challenge you went through and what you learned.

Your business isn’t growing when you’re hiding, and neither is your mission.. so just try it 🙂

It gets easier over time, promise!



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