Welcome to The Adventurous Coach Mastermind

A year-long immersion designed for coaches, healers and service-based entrepreneurs to get off the income roller coaster and on the path to creating CONSISTENT $10k+ months.

A snap-shot of what is covered in the program...

  • Get clear on exactly what you do and who you serve (finally nail your niche!)
  • How to package and price your services so that you have recurring income AND lots of free time.
  • How to grow your tribe of paying clients who love what you have to offer and are willing to pay for it.
  • Heart-centered selling strategies so you can help the people who are calling for exactly what you have to offer, without feeling salesy or sleazy.
  • How to communicate with your tribe so you can generate leads easily.
  • How to build a freedom schedule, so that you can still travel, have an amazing lifestyle wherever you are, and prevent burnout.
  • How to grow a stronger network, and use that network to build your credibility, increase opportunities, and get higher paying clients more quickly.

Want to see if Emily can help grow YOUR business to CONSISTENT $10k+ months? Apply for a 30-minute, no-obligation strategy session today!


Who is this program for?

The Adventurous Coach Mastermind is designed for coaches, healers & service-based entrepreneurs who are already making some money in their business and are looking to take it to the next level. If you fit the following description... we should chat!

  • You're a coach, healer or service-based entrepreneur.
  • You are currently making $2k-$5k/month in your biz are are SOOOO ready to get to the next level!
  • You want to start creating CONSISTENT $10k+ income every month!
  • You are not just willing to do the work it takes to get there - but freaking EXCITED to do it!

What You Get as a Mastermind Member 

  • Two LIVE 90-Minute Group Calls Per Month These call will be comprised of advanced trainings on each piece of the program and some time for coaching and Q&A. Recordings will be made available within the private Facebook group.
  • Monthly Copy Lab Intensive
    These 2-hour calls will be held every month with our copywriter Chen. You’ll learn, write, and get feedback directly on the live call.
  • Two seaside retreats in sunny San Diego CA Here you’ll spend two full days with Emily and her team, other industry pros, and of course, other members of the mastermind. Get focused attention, collaborate with other entrepreneurs, and accelerate your business WEEKS forward in a matter of hours. 
  • Six 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with a Business Strategist or Energy Healer who will walk you through any areas that you’re feeling "stuck". Whether you need subconscious mindset training to clear energetic blocks, or help from a more pragmatic business standpoint, we have you covered. 
  • Access to the private Facebook Group where you get support from Emily, her support coaches, and all members of the mastermind.  
  • Instant access to Sales Power - my flagship sales program, an added $997 value!


Here is just a sample of some of the incredible results my clients get in her programs. 

Have a look, and if you can see yourself in their words, apply for a call with Emily to see if her masterminds might be the perfect next step for you!

What You'll Learn in the Mastermind Program

Take a stroll through the proven system that offers you the shortcut to a business and life on your terms.

Nailing Your Niche & Crafting Clear Messaging

  • Nail your niche by getting crystal clear on exactly WHAT you do and WHO you serve. 
  • Build your high-end, long-term program that your clients will actually pay for! 
  • Craft your message to speak directly to your ideal clients by using language that resonates with them. 
  • Finally get off the income roller coaster by creating CONSISTENT high-end income every month! 
  • Become a copywriting ninja and stop stressing for hours (or days) over what to write in a newsletter or social media post.  

Getting Clients & Lead Generation Techniques

  • What you need to do in order to start making offers and getting clients today!
  • How to get leads and have a consistent stream of people interested in your programs. 
  • Secrets to getting FREE LEADS using organic social media.
  • Online and in-person lead generation strategies so you can pick the tactics that work best for you. 
  • If you enjoy public speaking, we’ll show you how to attract more people to your live events and actually make money from them!  

Mindset, Confidence & A Little of the Magic

  • Combine the “woo woo” with solid business strategy to make your mind one of the most powerful parts of your business! 
  • Identify and clear any negative mindsets you have and gain clarity around who you are, what you offer, and who you help. 
  • Unveil self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you “stuck” in the same place for years.
  • On-staff healers to help you identify and release past ways of thinking so you can up-level your business (and your life!).
  • Mindset mastery techniques to help you repair your relationship with money and, in turn, attract more money into your life.  

Heart-Centered Sales Strategies For High-Ticket Programs

  • Instant access to my flagship sales program, Sales Power (an added $997 value).
  • Gain the confidence you need to sell yourself and your high-end programs. 
  • Learn how to talk about your programs so your ideal clients are excited to say yes! 
  • Handle objections like a sales ninja with proven dialogue to dig deeper with clients which (if done correctly) builds credibility and shows leadership. 
  • Access to kick-ass sales scripts that feel genuine and actually work! 
  • Sales role-play with other mastermind members and coaches to get you feeling confident before you get on the phone with clients.  


Learn how Sarah Cook grew her coaching biz to $18k/month with Emily's guidance!

Can you see yourself in Sarah's words? Apply for a call today and find out if the Mastermind Program could be the perfect next step for you!

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...


Discover how Jade went from 0 clients to filling her private coaching with Emily's guidance!

Want to see if Emily can generate similar results for YOUR business? Apply for a 30-minute, no-obligation strategy session today!

Want to see if Emily can generate similar results for YOUR business? Apply for a 30-minute, no-obligation strategy session today!

Want to see if Emily can generate similar results for YOUR business? Apply for a 30-minute, no-obligation strategy session today!

Want to see if Emily can generate similar results for YOUR business? Apply for a 30-minute, no-obligation strategy session.

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