I was interviewed on a podcast yesterday about the topic of empowerment around money and there were a couple things I shared that I thought might be helpful for you too…

These are questions you can journal or meditate on, that I think will be revealing for you, and show you where you can focus your own love and attention on healing the aspects of your money mindset that are keeping you from having what you *really* want in your life and business.

The first question is:

Who are you afraid you will become if you had a lot of money?

For me, I was afraid that I would become a Republican (yes, it’s fine if you laugh at me), stop being an environmentalist, and I think I worried also that I’d becoming “fake”.

When you ask yourself this question, do you notice that anything in particular is coming up for you? Maybe you fear losing anonymity if you were to become famous? Or are you worried, like I was, that your values might change?

It’s really important to look at these fears, because these are also your blocks to abundance.

The second question is:

What are you afraid you might lose if you had lots of money?

For most people this boils down to a fear of losing love. I’ve spoken with countless women who are afraid to out-earn their male partners. I’ve personally feared losing friends, or worrying what my family might think, especially my family members who are not well-educated or financially successful.

When you can explore your fears on a deeper level, you can begin to do the work to heal these fears.

Money is deeply connected to worthiness, so chances are, right now you are earning at exactly the level you feel you deserve. I realize that may sting a bit, but I share it from a place of offering an opportunity to shift the way you view yourself and your relationship to money.

It is your birthright to live in abundance. When you do great work in the world, you deserve to be paid well for it. You don’t need to be ashamed of the money you desire or the money you earn.

Trust that you will do good things with it. Trust that you can shift your money mindset and begin experiencing life in a new way, where you are free to make different decisions because you are not restricted around money.

I hope this inquiry was helpful. Let me know with a comment below or email me to share your thoughts 🙂