This rant has been brewing in me for quite a while now, so apologies in advance for the length of this blog, but there’s something I need to say because the current dialogue around spiritual and conscious business is leaving a gaping hole that I think is extremely damaging for entrepreneurs – especially the new ones.

The biggest lie that the spiritual entrepreneurship community is telling you is that you “have all the answers inside of you,” and that simply “becoming a vibrational match for money” is all you need to get clients.

I’m staring at my rose quartz as I’m typing this, so don’t confuse this message for me saying that spirituality has no place in business. That’s not what I’m getting at.

In fact I believe spirituality is a non-negotiable part of business (just as I believe personal growth is, but I’ll save that for another post.)

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d love to get to the root of what I’m talking about because I have some major concerns with what I’m seeing in the industry right now.

I’m a member of a lot of pretty awesome entrepreneur facebook groups, some of them spiritually oriented.

My feed is probably 90% entrepreneurs, and most of those are coaches, at this point.

I’m connected with a lot of cool people doing a lot of cool things – I dig it.

But here’s what I don’t dig:

The advice I’m seeing to newbie coaches who are saying they’re down to their last dollar, and the advice they’re being given to simply visualize the money coming, and instructed to become a vibrational match for the amount of money they want to receive.

Visualization and raising our vibration is ESSENTIAL to business success, in fact I invest in working with an amazing healer who works with me on precisely this and I have seen the results from our work together!……. AND and this is a BIG AND….. it’s NOT THE WHOLE PICTURE!

The spiritual work that any of us do is only a *part* of what makes us successful in business.

Where prayer, meditation, visualization, and manifestation, don’t do the job, STRATEGY, STRUCTURE, and SYSTEMS do.

To suggest that one can become successful in business without those is *the* biggest lie in the spiritual entrepreneurship world.

Even more ironic, the very “leaders” talking about this are the same ones investing tens of thousands on mentors (past or present), systems, and software, that make their businesses work.

Sure it’s attractive and it sells, to market that this one “manifestation hack” will quadruple your business and change E V E R Y T H I N G forever, but the same coach preaching that, is the same coach that learned how to sell, learned how to make a product people would buy, and learned marketing.

Their foundational understanding of business is why their intuitive guidance is PROFITABLE!!!

An amazing idea with no way to execute it does not make a business!

It pains me so much to see new coaches struggle to get clients, be told to manifest their way to millions, then beat themselves up for not being high vibe enough.Imagine if you were down to your last dollar how freaking HARD it would actually be to raise your vibe. It’s absurd advice for someone in that position!

Yet these poor women, because it’s almost always women, keep being told that if they just try hard enough to “be a match” for what they want, then it will come!

That somehow the right strategies will appear out of thin air (maybe the universe sends a text message?)…These same women later post in despair that it’s not happening, and nobody is saying a word about the practicalities of business.


What the hell kind of BS are we feeding these people?

It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a business without structures, systems, and strategies.

My spiritual AF clients who are slaying, the same ones that use their intuition and their woo, are the same ones who follow the dang strategies that I’ve taught them! They use BOTH.

I’m all for people teaching how to grow business in magical ways, but I’ve lost respect for the ones who don’t mention that there’s any place for strategy or that there is any need for anything practical.

It’s creating false hope for people that they’re just one vision board away from an empire.

Definitely make the vision board, for sure.

Work on raising your vibe.

But learn a little bit of business strategy, too.




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