I wanted to let you in on this… because I see a LOT of coaches are sooo confused about what it takes to go from a few thousand here, a few thousand there, to those consistent $10k+ months, month after month.

Here’s the thing…

9 times out of 10 when i speak with a coach who isn’t at consistent 10k months yet, the problem they *think* they have, is not the problem they *actually* have.

Sometimes they tell me they think they just need to keep doing what they’re doing until it eventually starts working …

Which is kinda hilarious if you think about it. If you were trying to lose weight and you were eating pizza every day would you just keep eating pizza every day until it started to work? Uh, no. Of course not.

Other times they tell me that they need to finish all the details of the program they haven’t even launched yet before they can sell it (here’s a hint: I don’t know anyone with a successful coaching biz who makes their programs ahead of time! We are alll building the plane while we’re flying it! Plus who wants to waste time building a course that may not get buyers?)

If you’re not at consistent 10k months in your coaching business, you may or may not have already realized that something needs to change, but the hard/annoying/frustrating part about this is that you might not know *quite* what that thing (or things) is.

At this point, I’ve coached hundreds of coaches in exactly this position, so I can tell you with certainty what’s goin’ on.

You may not have *all* of these challenges, but you’ve got at least a few of them if you’re not past 6 figs yet, so let me lay these babies right out here for you…

1. Your messaging is off in some way.

Often this looks like leading with wayyyy too much: “I can help people in all areas of their life, business, health, relationships, mindset, abundance, home, and spirituality” = head spin = people do not want to buy this.

Other times it’s when someone is incredibly generic and cliche. Aka the love coach telling you you need to love yourself first (insert eye roll here), or the weight loss coach telling you you need to move every day (uh yeah, we’ve heard that a few times, thanks.)

Another way to know if your messaging is off is if you’re not getting any leads, or the ones you ARE attracting are really not ready for you or telling you they don’t have the money to invest.

2. You think you know more than you actually do.

Ouch. I know. This one might sting a little. But I see this… a lot. People get a few small wins, assume they are “good,” stop investing in support, then flatline and dip, and then you see them 6 months later “excitedly” announcing on Facebook about the in-house position they just accepted (aka a J O B!).

3. You don’t have an effective way to get leads

And are using the old “post and pray” method. I’m not knocking getting leads from organic social, but ya gotta have more going on than that and have an asset you own, like your list.

4. You can’t sell or you feel weird selling or both.

It doesn’t matter if it’s phone sales selling high end, or selling off a sales page or a webinar. If your offer doesn’t make sense or sound compelling, people won’t buy it. Womp womp.

5. Your offers are too small and/or are all over the place.

The fastest way to get to consistent 10k+ months is to sell long-term (6+months), high end programs.

Yet, 99% of the time when I speak with a coach who hasn’t hit that 10k/months mark yet, they are selling a little thing here, a little thing there, and still pricing based on what they think people will pay, instead of what they want to charge.

This can be a huge problem because you just can’t make consistent income this way.

As you get serious about your business in 2019 and what you’re creating, and the difference you want to make– consider this:

You can only help people so far as your business skill set allows you to.

I wish this weren’t true. I wish it was true that all you needed was to be amazing at what you do (and I’m sure you are!)

Right now you’re held back in terms of the impact you can make because of these practicalities.

The good news is, every single thing I shared above is learnable. You can definitely solve every problem I’ve outlined, you’re just going to need support to get there.

It really is good new though– you’re just a few skill sets away from a bigger business and bigger impact! YAY!






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