Greetings from gate 111 at the Orlando Airport (for a 5:55 flight what?! All you angel numbers fans be jealous hehe!)

I want to talk really quickly about the two biggest lies that most coaches believe about sales.

  1. It’s all about your energy.
  2. If people aren’t buying, it’s because of your pricing.

Let me set this straight…..

Lie #1 – It’s your energy.

Your energy is MASSIVELY important. I believe you should be working on your energy every dang day, and focus on feeling GOOD so you become more magnetic to your dream clients. That said, I see a lot of people spouting the lie that “everything is energy” which is false.

What’s important IN ADDITION TO having awesome energy is being clear in your messaging and communication, and being super confident and aligned with what you’re offering.

I know if you think about this for a second you’ll know what I’m saying is true, because I know you know at least a few people with AMAZING VIBES, who don’t have tons of clients and amazing revenue, (maybe you?). Okay so lie #1 = false.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about…

Lie #2: If people aren’t buying, it’s because of your pricing. FALSE.

If people aren’t buying there are a few different reasons for that, but it VERY RARELY has to do with the investment.

Instead, it has to do with how well you articulate the offer, how strong your messaging is to attract the right people, and how good you are at sales.

If you’re getting money objections left and right, I can pretty much guarantee that you’re not powerfully speaking about your offer (in written, verbal, and non-verbal communication) AND that you have some big gaps in how you sell (that’s a nice way of saying….. you kinda suck at sales).

But there’s HOPE!!!

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Trust me, you won’t regret it.