I had a session with my life coach, John, a few days ago, and something he said really struck a nerve so I wanted to share it with you.

He said: Your comfort zone isn’t comfortable, it’s familiar.

I thought about it for a second and then I knew deeply what he meant. And I started to look back over the years I’ve been running this business and I realized that a comfort zone is anything BUT comfortable, it’s excruciating.

It’s excruciating because when you have a big mission to fulfill, and many people to serve, and a difference to make, the whole “playing small” game becomes unbearable.

I speak to a lot of entrepreneurs who are trying to play things safe.

Make investments in themselves once they “have the money.”

Schedule that speaking gig once the signature talk is PERFECT.

Waiting to make an offer to a potential client until the program and package is just so.

All the excuses sound really reasonable until you realize it’s all just a subtle sabotage keeping you from what you really want: to help people and be paid well for it, while creating a legitimate freedom lifestyle (not the one where you don’t leave the house ever and can’t afford to travel anywhere).

Only you know if you’re *really* okay with where things are at right now in your business.

Take a moment and just feel into if you are, or not. (either way is okay, it’s most important to be honest with yourself.)

If you’re not okay with where you are, and you know you want to work with higher-level people (the ones who are ready to be coachable and can afford you), make a bigger difference, and become known for your brilliance, then let’s chat soon.

I’m opening a few spots this weekend for “bust out of your comfort zone” calls and it’s just you and me, so you’ll get my unique feedback for you and better than that, a plan for you to start making a bigger difference NOW. If you want to have a conversation that will support you to rock out the end of 2018, click here to schedule on my personal calendar.

I’d love to stand arm and arm with you, making a much bigger difference and creating more abundance for you and in the world.