I hear from a lot of people that sales aren’t necessarily their challenge, that it’s something else, so let me outline some things for you that will make a difference in your 2018 revenue!

1. Lead Generation: This is something that’s always super important in your business! If you have no one to talk to, you’ve got no clients!

One of my fave strategies of all time is speaking- if you love to speak, this will always be an awesome strategy for you!

Here’s what to do: Create a local workshop based on whatever you help people with. Make it really valuable, and at the end, invite people to have a complimentary consultation with you. On that call is where you’ll get to see if they’re a fit to work with you, and if so, BOOM! New client 🙂 (btw you can also do this online as a webinar)

2. Creating your High-End Package: A lot of people tell me that they are getting clients, it’s just that their income is inconsistent because they only work with people by the session, or just a few sessions at a time.

What to do: Brainstorm around your work, and think about how you could help someone for 6 months or more. That way your income will be wayyyy more consistent AND your clients will get better results with you because they’ll be committed for a longer period of time.

3. Scaling with a Group Program: Okay, real quick, scaling is not for everyone. If you’re just getting started, just focus on getting some 1:1, high-end clients and fill out your private coaching roster. If you’re pretty busy already and want to scale into multi-six figure income, this strategy is for you 🙂

What to do: Look at the themes of what you help people with, and craft a group program based on those themes and how you could start serving 1:many, rather than just 1:1. Then create a program launch plan, making sure you give yourself enough time to get leads and fill your program.

Feel free to comment below or email me if you have questions, or, if you want to chat with me in a private conversation, you can apply for a strategy session with me here.