People are always asking me how to ATTRACT HIGHER LEVEL CLIENTS. People who have the money, are excited to do the work, and who are actually cool people you’d want to hang out with in real life.

And the answer is complicated, there’s a lot of layers to it, but here’s what you need to know…

If you don’t have the strategy, meaning no one has ever taught you how to get clients, you definitely need that, 100%.

But there’s a deeper conversation that not everyone is really talking about, and it’s honestly about the way you feel about yourself.

Are you WILLING to see yourself as the type of person who works with AH-MAZ-ING clients?

I know you might immediately think, “Duh Emily YES obviously!”

But take a second and dig deeper for a moment….

Have you ever found yourself intimidated by certain types of potential clients?

Like you see yourself as not being worthy or good enough to work with them?

I’d be shocked if you told me you’ve never felt that way. (I know I have!)

So here’s what I’m REALLY wondering about you…

Are you willing to be worthy?

You couldn’t convince me that the gift and the dream you have in your heart isn’t YOURS and isn’t meant for you.

You DO deserve this and I know it because you desire it!

Because the desire is there – means it’s meant for you.

It’s as simple as that.

But we over-complicate everything.

Get stuck in our own fears.

Hold back.

Compare ourselves to the people we see online.

But, the fact that you are here tells, me you’re meant for bigger things.

And the beauty is, these things can and WILL be yours, as long as you choose to keep going.

As long as you don’t see small failures as evidence that you’re not supposed to be doing this thing.

Choose a little bit better for yourself day by day, and see what happens.

Be willing to be worthy. In a deep and meaningful way, whatever that is to YOU!

Sending you massive hugs – seriously love – YOU’VE GOT THIS!