Are you aware that there’s a right way and a wrong way to grow your coaching business in the beginning?

Say WHAT?! A right way and a wrong way????

Yes. The answer is yes. Hear me out here because this will make sense as you read it… it’s a bit long but it will help you, so read all the way to the end.

There are chronic mistakes that I see almost all new coaches making, that keep them in a confused mode of not knowing where to put their time and energy, and keep them from earning consistent income.

I’m going to assume you’d rather do things the way that works, rather than the way that doesn’t, so let me lay this out for you.

Here are the basics of what works, and what doesn’t work:

The wrong way:

  • Posting in FB groups as your entire strategy to find potential clients
  • Listening to Abraham Hicks every day hoping that it will magnetize clients like magic
  • Perfecting your website and coming up with the perfect business name
  • Trying to make “passive income” selling low-end products without having an audience to sell to (if you’ve tried this and failed, you know exactly what I’m talking about!)
  • Building out complicated funnels, spending bunches of money on software and paid advertising
  • Trying to be a life coach who can “help anyone with anything”

The RIGHT way:

  • Focusing on building your foundational business skills FIRST
  • Picking ONE NICHE to start with (doesn’t mean you can’t branch out later on!)
  • Creating a super clear offer that your ideal clients want to buy (there’s a science to how to do this)
  • Learning how to sell (I prefer heart-centered selling systems)
  • Focusing on selling high end coaching packages that bring your income up quickly and create recurring, reliable, monthly income (get off the money roller coaster as quickly as possible!)
  • Using lead generation strategies that are proven and reliable, not just “inspired”

When you have the right combination of

Strategy + a Compelling High End Offer + Ability to Sell + Knowing How and Where to Find Potential Clients, you’ll find that your business changes significantly and FAST.

Why is that?

Because with a solid foundation of business basics, you’ll never again find yourself wondering how to get clients.

And once you master sales, you’ll also excel at getting the *right* people to say yes. Leads + an Awesome Offer + Sales Skills = A real freaking business!

There’s an art and science to how to do this and I know that when you get this down, it’s going to shift things big time for you.

As long as you do the work and take action, you WILL see a shift in your business. That part is up to you 🙂

If this intrigues you, trust yourself and fill out an application to see if you would be a good fit for my Adventurous Entrepreneur Mastermind program.

Spots to connect with me are extremely limited (this isn’t false scarcity – it’s true!). My time is limited and I can’t talk to everyone, nor do I want to!

My 2018 Adventurous Mastermind is unlike anything I’ve seen in the industry at this investment level and here’s why:

  • We have an entire coaching team that supports my community INCLUDING energy work and feminine flowy woo-woo stuff. I pride myself on providing coaching everywhere from strategic AF to magical AF. We do it ALL and show you where to use each piece effectively.
  • The program INCLUDES a two day retreat in San Diego at an upscale location
  • You get group coaching AND private coaching with my team
  • This mastermind is PROVEN to produce results for the right candidates (and I’ll let you know immediately if you’re not a good fit)
  • Unlike most masterminds, this program includes money mindset work too, so that you can become aware of, and clear the beliefs that are holding you back
  • We combine mindset, strategy, magic, love, and FUN to support you in growing a business you love WITHOUT having to hustle your butt off 24/7
  • This program is LIVE. I’m not going to bait and switch you, and send a bunch of recorded modules. You get ME and my full attention.
  • Did I mention you get energy healing in my program if you want it?!

A program like this would typically be an investment of $10-25,000, but I get that you probably don’t have the cash flow for that, so my program is significantly less (but it won’t be next round).

If you’re an 11 out of 10 serious about growing your business this year, you’d be crazy not to sign up to have a conversation with me to discuss if THIS is your breakthrough to 6 figures (finally!) this year.

You do not have to be so confused, disappointed, and freaked out about if your business is going to work. Even if you have been at this for a few years and feel like there’s no hope – let me tell you, there’s hope.

I can see exactly what’s not working in your business, and even better, my team and I can help you fix it, not just from the strategy perspective, but also from a mindset and energy perspective.

Remember, there’s a right way and a wrong way to grow a business in the beginning. There are things that work, and things that really don’t.

If you’re ready to do away with what’s not working, and finally let go of the stress, let’s talk. I can’t wait until you are my next success story you rock star powerhouse!

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