A mentor once told me that when we are super open about EVERYTHING, especially the things we don’t want people to know about us, that they’ll have nothing on us. If I tell the world everything, even my secrets, then I can’t be afraid of someone “outting” me, because I will already have shared what’s REAL in my life.

So here’s what’s real for me right now…

I just had the biggest sales day in my life, $125,112 in a day, and yet, it felt kinda anti-climatic, because deep down, I really wanted a special someone to celebrate that moment with me.

Sure, I got a couple congratulatory texts from my girlfriends, but let’s be real, that’s not really what I wanted.

I wanted a man to tell me to put on a nice dress and whisk me away to a fancy dinner, toast to my success, and tell me how proud he was of me.

Instead, it was kinda like nothing happened at all, just another day. And this wasn’t the first time either. I remember when I hit six figures, sitting on my couch in San Francisco, and texted my assistant. What a non-moment that was too. (The things no one tells you about these oddly sad moments in our businesses.)

Last night driving home from a session with my healer, something kept coming to my mind over and over and it was this, “We have even less control than we think.”

I’m practicing trust and surrender and faith when it comes to the whole man thing, (and yes, have done a lot of love coaching and personal growth to prepare me for my king, too!).

I know sometimes it may look to you like I’ve got it all goin’ on, but there’s also this painful and scared place inside of me, the one that cries in my car and prays to never have to celebrate alone again.

I’m not sure if my experience with love feels anything like your experience with money, but if it does, let me tell you something…

In the case of your business and your current financial situation, you actually have MORE control than you realize. It breaks my heart when I talk to someone who feels powerless over their business, or who makes themselves wrong, or wonders if they are good enough to be successful.

I beg you to believe me that this is all possible for you, too. You’re probably 3 feet from gold, and you don’t even know it.

So while I wouldn’t ever try to give you love advice (hey I’m still figuring that thing out myself!), I really would love to share with you what I know about business, and making money, and to show you that you do, indeed, have more control over this part of your life than you realize.

Sending you love from this foggy San Diego day!