We have alllll been there!!! You get on the phone with an AH-MAZ-ING potential client- you two totally love each other and then….

They go MIA. Stop responding to your calls, emails, and texts and you wonder wtf happened. They said they were pretty much IN but had to check in on something…

…their bank account

…travel schedule

…talk to the hubs, wife, or partner

And then it all goes to crickets. And it’s not just disappointing because you didn’t get the client. It’s also disappointing because YOU KNOW YOU CAN HELP THEM!

So here’s the dealio… One of the ways you can prevent most instances of this happening is by having a follow up plan before you even hang up the phone.

For example, when someone says that they need time to do x, y, or z, make a plan to reconnect with them the next day. Not just a loose plan of “let’s connect tomorrow,” (cuz you know that won’t happen!), set an actual specific time to follow up.

I always suggest that you get a follow up on the books within 24 hours. It can also help to have a “quick decision benefit” where they get some kind of discount or bonus for choosing to jump in right away.

When someone is considering working with you, it’s usually for something pretty big in their lives. It’s not like you’re selling random stuff. You’re selling transformation, which brings up all people’s “stuff”- their fears, resistance, etc.

So this is why it’s so important to have tight follow-up, because otherwise it’s very easy for your potential clients to talk themselves out of the very thing they want- TO WORK WITH YOU!

So tighten up that follow up, baby, and see how that increases the number of awesome people you get to work with (not to mention your cash flow!)