This morning I was on a call with an entrepreneur leadership group that I’m a part of and I got some really awesome feedback from a friend of mine who is also in the group. She said that she really admires how I really do strive to live the freedom lifestyle (versus, you know, working 16 hours a day).

She mentioned how I’m about to go off the grid for 2 weeks to Burning Man, and how it can be so easy to decide NOT to do something like that as a business owner, for fear that things might fall apart while we’re gone.

I have to say– my time off grid is CRITICAL. It’s absolutely non-negotiable. It’s really not a “good time” for me to be off the grid, having just made a new hire last week, planning out the next launch for my sales program, etc, but there’s no way I’m NOT going to go.

You truly are of service to no one when your own cup isn’t full, and you’re not actually enjoying your life.

So here’s my question for you, where are you compromising in a *bad* way?

For example:

Are you negotiating your rates with clients and then later resenting them because you’re not feeling an equal energy exchange?

Are you missing out on vacations because you feel like you “can’t afford it” or can’t take the time?

Do you have zero boundaries with clients and let them text/call/message you all hours of the day and week without having time to recharge?

If you feel like you’re making too many compromises, take a moment to remember that YOU and only you are the CEO (unless you have a biz partner, which isn’t my fave scenario), of your company, and YOU make the rules. You didn’t start a business so you could have a shitty boss that’s YOU!

Don’t be a victim to your business- make the choices that are right for you!

Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions on this topic. Just post in the comments below and let me know.