If you’re already selling high end packages ($5,000-$25,000+), but still finding yourself frustrated at the rate that your ideal clients are saying “no” to your offers, read on…

The thing that already successful coaches often miss when looking at their sales and analyzing what’s working and not working, is that they’re not paying enough attention to *their* belief systems and what is coming up for THEM on the sales call.

We expect our potential clients to get triggered or go into fear when they are considering a 5 figure investment, but we often forget to look at what is happening inside of US as we are making those offers.

Have you ever found yourself hesitant to offer your program, even when you have sold it dozens of times before?

Or have you noticed that you get hit with a wave of fraud syndrome when you’re about to invite someone to work with you, or that your brain starts to spin and you get confused, foggy, or start thinking about all the reasons why you’re not good enough for this potential client?

These are the secret saboteurs that are subtly and not-so-subtly keeping you from closing more high-end clients.

If this is you, email me at hello@emilyutter.com and tell me:

1. What your current high-end packages are priced at, and

2. What is the most frequent negative belief that you experiencing in your sales conversations, and I’ll give you some coaching via email so you can have a BREAKTHROUGH in sales.