The one where you’re watching other people do the things YOU want to be doing, but you’ve been too afraid to do them. Or somehow you thought *they* could do this, but not you (and why?!)

I know you know this feeling of that battle in your head — wondering if you’re just doing what “feels good” but really it’s an excuse keeping you from doing what you know you NEED to do.

You know right now if you’re playing small and hiding behind a stream of justifications for why you haven’t leaped….., “I’m not ready yet,” “It’s not in alignment right now,” or “this doesn’t feel in flow.”

And you know that if you really gave yourself the chance, right now, to look at all the things you’ve been so scared of, and all the things you haven’t done, and all the regrets you already have because you feel like your business should be so much farther along by now…. I know if you really took a moment right now to see this inside yourself, you’d cry.

And probably not a short cute cry either; one of those guttural, get me on the floor right now because this feels sooo freaking hard kinda cries.

This stuff is so deeply painful, and trust me, I get it.

I’ve walked this road so many times. So. Many. Times.

There isn’t a person who has created a legitimate business who hasn’t — so you’re not alone.

But at the same time, if you want things to change, you have to do something different, and for starters, you have to stop letting this fear voice inside of you make the call.

You know when you’re making the safe choice, so the only choice now is to start making the scarier choices. More often. More powerfully.

Your comfort zone got your here, and going outside of it will get you there.

There’s no way around that rule…. it’s true every single time.

So, if the pain inside of you, the frustration knowing you could be further along, serving more people, and making more money, is bubbling up inside of you…

And you know you can’t spend another year with things feeling so hard with not much growth to show for it, then let’s chat and see if I’m the coach to get you to six figures and beyond, once and for all.

So you can stop making decisions based on if you have the money, and start making decisions based on what you want.

It’s a whole new paradigm and way of living when you don’t need to consult the bank account to make a decision.

You have the opportunity, right now, to join a group of high-vibe go getters who are making sh*t happen, making money, getting clients, and helping people. You know if you belong in a group like that — even if you’re scared- you know.

Even if you’re scared, you know yourself enough, and you’re confident enough in what you do, that you know you’re meant for more. You know you want to surround yourself with other people who believe in themselves and are going for it, too.

Click here for more details about The Adventurous Entrepreneur Mastermind or email me at and I’ll respond with more information.

Keep in mind, this mastermind isn’t for everyone… clients that gain the most from this program come into it already generating some money in their business, and are ready for way, way, more. My most successful clients 3-6x the income they started with when they joined (do the math, it’s pretty epic!)

So, if you’re making at least $3k/month right now, and are ready for $10k months or more… at least apply for a no obligation call with me and see if I can help you reach your goals 🙂

Cuz really, what do you have to lose? I look forward to connecting with you!