I was recently invited to be a guest speaker in my friend’s mastermind on the topic of money mindset and I wanted to give you a glimpse of what we talked about.

I freaking love this topic so much and trust me, I’ve had to excavate a lot of shitty beliefs I had around money in order to receive more.

It’s an ongoing focus for me – opening up and expanding in my willingness to receive, and at each new level I’ve found it incredibly powerful to ask myself this question:

>>> What am I afraid of losing once I’m making way more money?

For almost everyone it’s a fear of losing CONNECTION aka LOVE.

Sometimes for women it’s their romantic relationship because they’re terrified of what will happen if they start making more money than their partner. (of course this happens outside of hetero relationships, too).

For others, it’s love or connection with family. You may fear judgement or separation, or that the people you love will see you differently if all of a sudden you were rich AF.

If you’re not actively working on your beliefs around money, while at the same time getting your business foundation handled, you’re going to find that things are much harder than they need to be!

So ask yourself, and really take the time to do this and be unfiltered about it – Truly, what are you afraid you’d lose if you were making more money?

Because healing that is the key to your next level.


p.s. just to be super clear here – you must learn the HOW of how to make money, it’s not just the money mindset… working the two concurrently is non-negotiable. End of story 🙂